Here at Dakota Community Centre, we strive to provide fitness classes that will help you stay active, provide social connection and add variety to your fitness journey. Our welcoming environment provides a positive experience for all fitness levels no matter your ability.

Put your best foot forward with a variety of strength/cardio, Pilates/yoga & Zumba/dance classes!  

Weights, resistance bands, mini stability balls and exercise mats will be provided.

Please bring your own yoga mat to yoga & pilates.

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Click the SignUp.com button above to reserve a spot in one or more of our Group Fitness Classes then follow the steps below:

  1. Scroll to the date on which you would like to attend a class - click on the class name to view the location & instructor name.
  2. Click on the green 'Sign Up' button for that class.
  3. If it is your first time signing up with us, you will be asked to enter your email address. Select 'Continue' and then 'Confirm'.
  4. Enter your first and last name (required).
  5. Enter the number of spots you are reserve, i.e. 1 spot (required) - if reserving a spot for more than one person, please reserve the spot with their name, 
  6. Enter your phone number (optional) - we may need to reach out in case of any cancellations otherwise we'll send you an email!
  7. Select 'Save and Done'.

Spots will be available to reserve on a month-by-month basis and will become available on the last Thursday of the month for the next month.

Note: if you need to cancel the spot you reserved, you can do so from the SignUp.com button above, clicking on the blue 'My Spots' button and then 'Remove'. Alternatively, you may call our Customer Service desk at (204) 254-1010. Please cancel your reserved spot at least 24 hours in advance so that we may offer the spot to another participant.



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Yoga / Pilates:

Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, our classes allow members to adjust and modify as needed. Please bring a yoga mat to all the classes.

  • Chair Yoga – A form of yoga that adapts the poses to be done while sitting on a chair or using the chair for support. Ideal for people who have limited mobility, balance or joint issues.
  • Gentle Flow Yoga  – Gentle flow yoga is a form of yoga that involves slow and gentle movements, often with longer holds, to stretch and relax the body and mind. It is suitable for beginners and people who want to reduce stress and increase flexibility.
  • Yin Yang Yoga – A blend of movement and static postures which builds heat energy to target connective tissues, joints, bones and the nervous system to help release tension in the body, promoting strength and stamina.
  • Restorative Yoga – Restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. We use props to support the postures, while gently stretching and strengthening the body.
  • Restorative Yin – This class focuses on restoring deeply held tensions in the body and mind. Poses are held for a longer amount of time targeting the deepest and connective tissues of your body.
  • Yoga Flow – Yoga poses are linked fluidly but held long enough for the student to adjust to a healthy alignment and mental awareness.
  • Pilates – A system of exercises that strengthens and stabilizes your core muscles, improves your posture and flexibility, and connects your mind and body through controlled movements and breathing.
  • Barre –Barre is a fusion of Ballet, Pilates and strengthening techniques. This total body conditioning technique is guaranteed to tighten, tone, sculpt and strengthen your entire body.


Cardio & Strength:

Weights, bands & mats will be provided. Our instructors can help with modifications based on your fitness level.

  • Butts & Guts - This class will help you shape your butt, flatten your abs and improve your strength and endurance.
  • Gentle Fit – Introducing a gentle exercise program for individuals with moderate or reduced mobility or those looking to get back into a fitness routine.
  • Growing Stronger – Growing Stronger is a strength and balance class that will help you regain muscle and keep it strong.
  • Hi-Lo Strength – This is an easy-to-follow and low-impact class designed to strengthen the cardiovascular system, tone muscles, and boost balance, flexibility and endurance. Dumbbells, resistance bands and mats are used.
  • Total Body Strength – 60-minute class with a brief cardio segment to warm up and then focuses on strength and muscle endurance for the entire body including the core. Weights, bands & mats are used.
  • Cardio & Strength - Combines high-intensity and low impact cardiovascular exercises with resistance and flexibility training, using various equipment and body weight movements to improve overall fitness, endurance and muscle tone.


Zumba / Dance:

Join these fun and energetic classes and make new friends. Friends don't let friends dance alone.

  • Zumba Gold – A dance fitness class designed for the older active adult and the true beginner not use to exercise or who have limited mobility. It’s done at a slightly lower intensity than regular Zumba.
  • Zumba – A cardio workout that incorporates music and dance movements in a highly energized and positive class. This class will improve not only your cardio endurance but your mood as well.
  • Zumba Toning – Cardio workout that combines with muscle conditioning to improve flexibility, coordination, graceful hip movement and increase cardio endurance while toning your body. Dumbbells are used.
  •  NEW  Let's Move, Let's Dance – A fusion of Latin and international Music and rhythms as Cha cha cha, Salsa, Merengue, Columbia, Disco etc. Great way to burn calories, improve coordination and balance. Please bring dance or indoor shoes or runners with smooth soles.

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Group Fitness Classes
  Drop-In 5 Class Pass 10 Class Pass 20 Class Pass
General $11.43 $58.00 $105.00 $184.00
Senior $9.52 $47.00 $86.00 $152.00
Listed pricing does not include applicable GST.


Premium Active Pass
Includes access to Fieldhouse Fitness Centre & Group Fitness Classes.

  1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month
Youth / Senior / Student $74.00 $210.00 $389.00 $645.00
Adult $79.00 $225.00 $410.00 $688.00
Listed pricing does not include applicable GST.

Demographic Legend: General: 16 - 59 years, Senior: 60+ years. 

To purchase your passes, visit customer service at the Dakota Fieldhouse.

Terms & Conditions
In the event you need to cancel, we ask you call the Fieldhouse Desk 24 hours in advance at (204)254-1010 so that we may offer the spot to another participant. 

Click here to view our refund policy.

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Customer Service
Phone:  (204) 254-1010 Ext. 215


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