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Jumpstart Community Rink Open 2022 - Status: Open

The Jumpstart Community Rink is now open to the public for the season. We will post operational updates here should the availability of the rink change. Please make sure that you read the rules and guidelines (located below).

Please note: We do not recommend the use of the outdoor rink when the outdoor temperature is colder than -25°C or the windchill factor exceeds -28°C. Regular rink maintenance may not be available should these conditions arise so the rink should only be used at your own risk.

Current Status: OPEN

Rules & Guidelines

Casual Use

  • Access to the outdoor rink (ODR) is through the Link (building between the Sportsplex and Fieldhouse) where skaters can change into skates and warm up if needed.
  • Use skate guards or take off skates when accessing bathrooms
  • Do not leave valuables unattended in the Link building.
  • All skaters are expected to demonstrate good behavior while using DCC facilities, including while on the ice. Please be respectful of other skaters, especially those who are younger and/or just learning to skate.
  • For the safety and enjoyment for all, during busy times (i.e. more than 20 people) no shinny games are permitted.
  • Visit the DCC website to check the availability of the ODR (Calendars | Online Services (  Priority given to rental groups.


Youth Sports Teams

  • Designated times may be booked through the Hockey and Ice Program Coordinator (
  • ODR dressing rooms are available to use, please ensure players wear skate guards when going to and from the Link.
  • Coaches are responsible for player conduct

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